Landscape paintings from the last few years. Some of these paintings were painted en plein air, others in the studio from studies. The gallery can be viewed in full-screen.


Recent Plein Air and Studio Landscapes
  • Il Mugnone

    Florence, Italy
    301 Landscapes
  • Palazzo Pitti

    Florence, Italy
    291 Landscapes
  • Villa Argiano

    Montalcino, Italy
    281 Landscapes
  • Airport Beach

    Malolo Lailai, Fiji
    271 Landscapes
  • Apino, Via del Campuccio

    Florence, Italy
    261 Landscapes
  • Fig Tree on the Clitunno

    Casevecchie, Umbria
    251 Landscapes
  • Auntie's House

    New Bagan, Myanmar
    241 Landscapes
  • Volpaia

    Tuscany, Italy
    231 Landscapes
  • Ghanerao Royal Castle

    Rajasthan, India
    221 Landscapes
  • Monte di Tremezzo

    Lake Como, Italy
    201 Landscapes
  • Swarthmore Bluffs

    Pacific Palisades, California
    191 Landscapes
  • Wheat Fields Along the Clitunno

    Montefalco, Italy
    181 Landscapes
  • South Ferry Flag

    Shelter Island, New York
    171 Landscapes
  • The Walls

    Essaouira, Morrocco
    161 Landscapes
  • The Corsini Gardens

    Florence, Italy
    151 Landscapes
  • Rooftops

    Zagreb, Croatia
    141 Landscapes
  • Chinthe of Lawkananda Paya

    Bagan, Myanmar
    131 Landscapes
  • Wheat Fields at Sosta del Papa

    121 Landscapes
  • Sailboat at Puntone

    Maremma, Italy
    111 Landscapes
  • Lifting Fog, Garrapata State Park

    Big Sur, California
    101 Landscapes


P1190789 Landscapes

Sailboat. Bergen, Norway. 25 x 35 cm, oil on linen.

To commission a plein air or studio landscape, please use theĀ contact page. For landscape painting commissions I need to work at the actual location. I don’t believe in painting landscapes from photographs as there is usually too little information for the artist to use.

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