November Exhibitions

I thought I should briefly mention a couple of exhibitions I have on this month. The first is a number of small sketches at Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston, SC and the exhibition webpage is here. The second is the Converge show organized by Allison Malafronte in New York. It opens this Friday and the website for the exhibition is here.


  1. As opposed to most plein air painters, i noticed that you never seem to use an umbrella while painting outside. How are you dealing with colors in full sunlight with no shade?

  2. Hi Benoit, I don’t have a problem keying in the sun. You’re keying off the brown of the wood already. If it looks wrong I change it.

  3. Thanks for the great video Marc.
    The flip-catch of the brush in rhythm with the music…love it…the feeling of a great day painting when a bad stroke can’t be made.