Below are a selection of my landscape paintings from the last few years. Some of these paintings were painted en plein air and a few were done in the studio from studies. The gallery can also be viewed in full-screen.

I believe in painting from life as much as possible. I find it is the situation most conducive to the inspiration of the artist. My goals in my landscape work are a pure observation of nature, a humility before nature and the development of a deeper understanding of nature. I attempt to show people the beauty in the world around them. I try to inspire them and to show them that they are surrounded by the miraculous.  I wish to show them that their lives are worth living and that they should struggle for the betterment of themselves, of humanity, as well as for the future of our planet.

The historic influences in my landscape painting are Isaac Levitan, Camille Corot, and Telemaco Signorini.

Landscape painting commission of Florence Italy.

Example of a landscape painting commission: Piazza Tasso, Florence. 80 x 100 cm, oil on linen.

Contact for a commissioned landscape painting:

To commission a plein air or studio landscape painting, please use the contact page. For landscape painting commissions I need to work at the actual location. I don’t believe in painting landscapes from photographs as there is usually too little information for the artist to use.

To see larger images of some of my landscape paintings, you can check my Flickr photostream. For anyone interested in purchasing my work, it is available via the following galleries: