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myanmar sui min gyi About

Plein air painting in New Bagan, Myanmar.

Welcome to my blog.

I was born in Los Angeles in 1972. From the age of 6 to 10 I lived in the Fiji Islands where my father was a regional director of the Peace Corps. The beauty of Fiji and my native California instilled in me a love of the natural world.

For 20 years I lived in Florence, Italy, though would I spend a few months every year painting in the US. At present I live in Zagreb, Croatia.

Every winter I travel with a group of like-minded plein air painters to warmer climates to keep working outside. Past destinations have included Kenya, India, Greece and Albania, the Caribbean, Morocco, and this year, Myanmar.

I created this blog to share information about techniques and materials as well as to keep people updated on my paintings and exhibitions. Your comments are appreciated.

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  1. Your work is a wonderful culmination of concepts from past masters that w most likely both share. I was a student of RH Ives Gammell back in the 70′s… plus a handful of other master painters, including the colorist Henry Hensche. My wife and I travel some and paint together… I enjoyed viewing your paintings, especially like the minimalist quality of suggestion….
    ciao, ernest

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