Myanmar preparations

My stretcher bars on the raw linen.

My stretcher bars on the raw linen.

My 'canvas suitcase'.

My canvas suitcase a week later.

My trustworthy Julian half-box.

My trustworthy Julian half-box.

I’ll be in Myanmar (Burma) for the next month, painting plein air landscapes so no updates for a while. I don’t think I’ll have any internet access.

We’ve been given a house to use near Bagan, and the place looks incredible. I’ll be traveling with a small group of plein air painters with whom I’ve been doing this sort of thing for years. We get given a house somewhere warm during the Italian winter and we stay a month or two and paint the surrounding area. Past trips have included India, Morocco, Kenya, Puglia and Mexico.

In this case we will be having a charity exhibition when we get back with the paintings. Our host runs charitable organizations in Myanmar and the proceeds will go to these charities.

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