Recent Cityscapes

Here are a few recent cityscapes around the Oltrarno (the south side of the river in Florence). Painted with my little cigar box set-up.
(Update: Here are a few more)
San Felice in Piazza. 14 x 16 in. Oil on board.

San Felice in Piazza. 14 x 16 in. Oil on panel.

Scaffolding on Borgo Tegolaio. 12 x 8 in. Oil on board.

Scaffolding on Borgo Tegolaio. 12 x 8 in. Oil on panel.

Via della Chiesa. 10 x 14 in. oil on panel

Via della Chiesa. 10 x 14 in. oil on panel

Via del Campuccio. 12 x 8 in.

Via del Campuccio. 12 x 8 in. Oil on Panel.

Torrigiani Garden Wall

Torrigiani Garden Wall. 16 x 12 in. Oil on panel.

Can't remember the name of this street. 12 x 8 in, oil on panel.

Porta San Miniato.

Porta San Miniato. 8 x 10 in, oil on panel.

Via del Canneto.

Via del Canneto. 10 x 14 in, oil on panel.


  1. Really lovely paintings! I love the sketchiness and yet the realism of them. It’s so nice (and encouraging) to see such beauties when it’s so difficult to find the beauty of nature in your present geographical location. Hopefully I’ll be able to study with you one spring in the future! From a very wet and cold England,

  2. Marc, your paintings convey much. They are gems to be enjoyed. You put the veiwer “there” with
    all the sense of the surroundings, not an easy thing in itself. You have an eye for subject matter
    and a great color palette.

  3. re. Via della Chiesa, I really like this piece, in part because it hovers uncomfortably between drawing and painting. It seems that you have put the requisite number of brushstrokes to make your statement and no more. I’ve always admired Sorrolla for similar brevity.

  4. Beautiful images, I am sure our expatriate community would be delighted if you could share some of these images with us.

  5. With these cityscape sketches, you captured specific light and moods, and many “native” textures of the city. Even the sleeping vespe, in their colored stillness, seem to await the coming swarm of inevitable, frenetic motion. Bravo from Los Angeles.

  6. I love these! I love your landscapes but these are amazing. The designs are very powerful and engaging.
    The alley paintings, were they painted during the day time? If so, you managed to “stop down” the image. I supposed it’s because you keyed the sky first and that forced the alley to be painted darker than what your eyes were seeing. I would have painted the alley much better since my eyes would have adjusted to that exposure and lost the contrast.

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