My Palette


My ultra-portable cigar box palette.

My ultra-portable cigar box palette.

I’ve been asked a few times lately what my palette is, so I thought I’d put a post about it.

(Updated in May of 2014:)


  • Titanium white, from either Williamsburg, Old Holland, or Michael Harding.
  • Cadmium Yellow from Williamsburg or Michael Harding.
  • Zecchi’s Roman Ochre.
  • Cadmium Red Light (Vermilion substitute), from Zecchi or Williamsburg.
  • Cadmium Red Medium from Williamsburg.
  • Cadmium Orange, from Williamsburg.
  • Cerulean Blue, Williamsburg, Zecchi, or Old Holland if I’m felling flush.
  • Ultramarine Deep from Old Holland.
  • Cobalt Blue, either Old Holland or Harding.

Inside I use hand-ground Lead White, and hand-ground Ivory Black for portraits and still life.

Sometimes I glaze my landscapes or portraits with Alizarin, from either Zecchi, Old Holland or Robert Doak.

The palette I started with included Naples Yellow, an earth red (Pozzuoli, English…etc), and Veridian. I have also used high chroma purples for specific projects with irises and such.