A Short Fenske Plein Air Video

Below is a short video of fellow plein air painter Ben Fenske painting a quick (2 hour?) oil sketch of the road to the farmhouse where I’ve lived in the summers for the last few years.

I filmed the plein air video a couple of years ago and found the footage today while organizing old files on my computer. A couple of people have written to me asking about Ben’s technique, so here it is in all it’s badly-color-graded glory.

Update: Some people were having problems watching the video, so I uploaded a new version.


  1. Love the brush-flip. Nicely choreographed to the music. Very cute. Noticed that Ben is lefty. That’s a big advantage for a painter since left-handedness allows for greater access to the right, non-analytical, wholistic, pictorial side of the brain. Not that I’m an analytical righty or anything.

  2. Hi, I am self taught (I hate calling myself an artist as it is still very much a work in progress) and so I am always very appreciative of artists who post tips and explanations on the internet. It helps me a lot. Thank you so much Marc for taking the time to explain the use of the mirror. And a great video of Ben Fenske painting too. Thank you 🙂

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