AITO 2013 in Wexford, Ireland

plein air painting of the harbor in Slade, Ireland

The Harbor at Slade. 25 x 35 cm, oil on linen.

Here are some of the sketches from the last week at the 2013 Art in the Open Festival in Wexford, Ireland. I would highly recommend the festival to anyone interested in plein air painting with some of the friendliest people in the world. This was my second year participating and again the organisers had found some great locations for the paint-outs over the course of the week. There was even sun most of the time this year.

plein air sketch of a boat in Slade

Boat on the Road, Slade. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

Plein air painting from Newtownbarry House

The Sunken Garden, Newtownbarry House, Bunclody

plein air painting of the stables at Newtownbarry House

The Stables at Newtownbarry House. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

Painting of musicians in a pub in Ireland

Musicians at the T. Morris Pub in Wexford. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

I love traditional music as much as traditional art. The pub where all the painters meet in the evenings, T. Morris has great musicians playing during the week. The above sketch I did one evening, painting alongside Antti Routiola and Leon Holmes. I was working under an orange light, so the painting came out a bit blue. Here is a short video of part of it, to give a feel for the scene:

plein air sketch of Ballyhack, Ireland

Boat in Ballyhack. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

Plein air sketch of an old tractor in Ireland.

The Old Tractor. 25 x 35 cm, oil on linen.

Landscape painting of an oak tree near Ballymore.

Oak Tree, Ballymore. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

Plein air landscape painting of wheat fields near hook head.

Wheat Field, Hook Head. 20 x 30 cm, oil on linen.

This last one is of a very picturesque old sheep dog.

Nelly. 18 x 25 cm, oil on linen.

Nelly. 18 x 25 cm, oil on linen.

Rocco says ‘hi’.


  1. Hi Marc,

    I was very impressed at your skill as I watched you paint this year at AITO. Your paintings are really superb. The ability to complete a great painting at Ballyhack on such a wet day is amazing.

    Hope to see you at work next year

  2. Love these! Did the musicians get a kick out of being painting subjects… Or did they just think the artists were nuts? Fun video. Great blog. Thanks for sharing on it.

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