Atelier Book and Plein Air Magazine

Tony Winters has written a thorough book on artist’s studios called ATELIER: Building the Visual Arts Studios of the 21st Century. It’s interesting as it is written from the point of view of both an architect and painter. There is a small part on my ex-studio in Piazza Donatello in Florence (currently part of Charles H. Cecil Studios).
You can pick the book up on Amazon.

Also, Plein Air Magazine has a short piece on my use of sight-size and scraping down in outdoor figure painting (Joe Paquet has the cover and a longer artist’s profile).


  1. Marc,
    As always, I learn something from you in every post. I hadn’t realized how valuable the black mirror on my iPhone is for value guidance. I always carry it in the field but only used it for the obvious purpose as a camera.
    Once again I thank you and I thank Steve Jobs. I’m sure he never envisioned this esoteric application!
    Happy holidays and the best to you in 2015. May each brush stroke be your best yet.

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