1. Yikes that it’s too bad that a good idea was treated in such a corny way. Throwing in the f-word doesn’t make it any less a hallmark-made for TV type movie. But I’m glad someone called me on my comment, because I made it in a knee jerk way, I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m enjoying this blog and I love the whole idea that the movie puts forth.

  2. I have to say yikes as well.
    This is a lot of romantic stuff based on a silly notion of what it takes to be a pinter.
    He could have gone to the Art Students League in New York and found at least 5 or 6 painters to study with. But then you would not have had a movie…

  3. All art forms pursue the same truth. They are manipulated as seen necessary to express an idea or series fo ideas, or emotions, etc.

    Although I have not seen this film, and an indie film is almost always better than a high budget hollywood film that follows “formulas,” perhaps your comment proves a point of the film? People have no heroes today, and in many ways, painting has been dead for a long time. Should some revered master of the past exist today, or a living one you respected in the same vein, would you not seek them out?? If Picasso, rembrandt, etc. lived today I would certainly cross the earth to meet them, as when they are gone they are gone, and nobody will ever know what was really felt or said.


  4. PS: I feel the film is a very good idea. Building it on the premise of a painter, or artist, is a good one. I am sure it is not as strong as it could have been due to typical hollywood formulae to make tears, stir simple emotions, etc..and not thought.

    But I digress…

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