Myanmar Sketches

After a week of polishing things up, here are some of the sketches from Myanmar. There are no titles on the images yet as I have to get a map out and find the names of all the places and pagodas. These are the smaller paintings, the larger ones are still on the easel, so to speak.

I’m trying a new plug-in to display them. You can use the fancy PicLens screen or just click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Let me know if you have any problems.


  1. Marc, these are wonderful paintings. Your one hell of a landscape painter my friend.
    You really did some outstanding work. Bravo!

    I put this in the wrong comment section…

  2. hello marc, this is lovely work and you are inspiring us to get our act together (and pochard box and half finished novel). meanwhile let us know if there are any spaces on the next plain air painting trip! hope all is well with you and that we see you round these parts soon. ruthx

  3. Hello Marc, I just wanted to say these are beautiful! Been following your blog recently and it has been very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work and life as a painter.

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