Open Studio

Leo and I will open the studio to the public on Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 8 pm. We will have nibbles and wine in the evening. The address is 31 Piazzale Donatello.

Everyone is welcome, but RSVP if you can so we have an idea of numbers.


  1. Hello Marc,
    I first saw your work in NY while painting plein air in 2007 and have been enjoying it ever since.
    Your web blog is a true and generous source of practical information for the traditional painter. Thank you so much.

    I have a question regarding northern natural light for a NYC studio and thought you could offer a suggestion. I am looking for a live/work apartment and have found a few with direct northern light. Here is the problem. I am used to pure northern light from the upper part of the window. All the apartments I have seen have a moderate amount of reflected light from direct sunlight bouncing off of buildings (not windows) that face south across the street. Some apts. have reflected light coming in most of the day; others some of the day. Do you know of any way I can control this lighting situation to make it more consistent with our steady natural studio-light goals? Sky lights are not an option.

  2. Hello Julien,

    Can you see the sky at all or can you only see the other buildings? Often reflected light can be worse than no light at all as it colors the light drastically. If you can see the sky at the top of the window it can be controlled.

    I’ve been wanting to do a post on lighting the studio as so few painters (and even teachers in the schools where I’ve worked) seem to understand it. We currently have a very good artificial lighting system in the studio. A $6,000 set-up we built for $500. It would be better than being at the mercy of the bounced sunlight.


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