Plein Air London

Here are some sketches from my trip to London. The weather was great the first few days but then got brutally cold (at least it was if you were standing outside in the wind and rain for hours at a time).

St Margaret’s Church. 12 x 8 in., oil on panel.

Battersea Power Station. 8 x 12 in., oil on dibond.

It was a very productive trip nonetheless, and I was helped greatly by painting with two fine plein air painters, David Bachmann and Roy Connelly, who knew the turf inside and out.

The Thames from Hungerford Bridge. 14 x 11 in., oil on dibond.

Trafalgar Square Lions. 6 x 8 in., oil on panel.

Trafalgar Square Lions. 11 x 14 in., oil on panel.

I really liked the lion statues in Trafalgar Square, though painting there after 10am was difficult with the crowds.

I didn’t have time to see any museums, and a great regret was missing the Edward Seago centenary in March as I’m a huge fan of his plein air work.


  1. A overwhelming town London isn’t it. I was there in March too, a guy just started to give those lions a fresh shiney coat with a tiny brush..

    You managed to make some strong and powerfull paintings overthere.

  2. Holy cannolis those are good. Love the feel of the Thames one. I may have to try out the red oxide. I haven’t found a tone on my canvas that I like yet.

  3. Morning Marc. Hope your well ? Great paintings, yet again you have inspired me,thank you. I often take a quick look at your blog when I need a boost. Love the lions , I’ve always meant to paint them, perhaps now I will. Please look me up next time your over. Love to you K xxx

  4. Marc, I’m sure you’re aware that Battersea was a favorite site for James Whistler and his wonderful nocturnes. Your Battersea painting is a very nice tribute to that amazing Victorian painter.

  5. Just stumbled upon your website and had to write. I love your paintings of London and they bring back great memories of my many ‘plein air’ painting trips to England. I was also in London in May 2010 and going back again next year. I’ll be checking out your website often!

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