Portrait Painting Video

I’ve recently posted a demo video of laying-in a portrait in oils using the sight-size method. I hope you enjoy it.

These days my videos go first to my Patreon supporters for three months. After three months I release them to the public on my YouTube channel.

If you get something out of these videos, please consider supported my equipment budget through Patreon. I make all these videos myself.


  1. Dear Mr. Dalessio (Marc). I stop by your webpage periodically to see what you have painted lately. I was sorry to see that your dog, Ema, died recently. Our pet and friend of 15 and a half years, Bella, died in the fall of 2019. It’s a sad time in anyone’s life. I painted Bella in a painting “Mary and Bella above Reed’s Beach” (2018) that appears in my website. I taught the art of Pre-Columbian America and other non-western traditions as an art historian for many years but also love to paint myself, and sell one occasionally in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, during the summer. Love your work. Best, Jeff Kowalski

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