A couple of quick rants. First, current GPS systems are not made for landscape painters. They have no imagination, they always try to get you on the freeway, and the incessant “recalculating” gets really annoying. I need a GPS system with topographical maps, full tractor-trail coverage and suggestions for scenic routes. And I don’t want to hear about it if I don’t turn.

Second, the continuing decline of materials. The Venetian company (Fome) that makes those fantastic steel tripod easels also make the only palette cups that don’t leak. They used to put cork on the inside of the lids, recently they switched to rubber. Now, every painter I know puts turpentine in at least one palette cup. Rubber, when it touches turpentine, expands (try spilling it on your keyboard as I’ve done -all the keys pop off). So why would they put rubber in the lid where the turpentine will go? Within a day the rubber expands and pops out of the lid. How could they not know that? Its like they never paint, and don’t even know any painters to consult anymore. The funny thing is that the cork and rubber are unnecessary as they don’t leak anyways.

O.K. Ranting done. Sorry for that.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Great to know it wasn’t only my palette cups that I bought from zecchi this summer. Until now I’ve thought that I had purchased a broken item.

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