Recent Larger Landscape Paintings (2014)

Plein air landscape painting of Korcula, Croatia

Korčula. 29 x 37 in. Oil on linen

Here, quickly, are some of the recent larger landscape paintings I’ve been working on. A couple are plein air landscape paintings, the others were done in the studio.

These are off to Sag Harbor for my solo show at the Grenning Gallery in late June.

Landscape painting in oil of laundry blowing in the wind.

Laundry in the Wind. 36 x 28 inches, oil on linen.

Oil painting of cows in Big Sur.

Big Sur, Afternoon. 42 x 55 inches, oil on linen.

The portrait of Tina under an olive tree will be in the show, as well as a number of small and medium-sized plein air pieces from the last year.

I spent much of the winter on the painting below but I can’t figure out how to resolve it. I hate abandoning large pieces after months of work, but sometimes artists have to cut their losses.

The Afternoon Chat. 42 x 55 inches, oil on linen.

The Afternoon Chat (unfinished). 42 x 55 inches, oil on linen.

I have a few more larger pieces on the burner which I’ll add soon.


  1. Hello Marc, I love all your work, it never fails to entrance me! Your work ‘The Afternoon Chat’ has a special quality too, it would be such a pity to abandon it. The problem, on looking for one, could be that the monument is the single biggest object, and is almost but not quite dead-centre in the composition. Everything else is much smaller in scale due to size or distance. The bottom right corner seems to need an anchor, it’s pulling the eye down and out out the plane. I must say that I cropped a screenclip of the painting to a square format on my phone (from the left edge) and the painting came alive!
    Good luck with your exhibition, I imagine your work flies off gallery walls! Maureen

  2. I am curious what it is about the painting you feel is unresolved. I too have abandoned paintings but none of those paintings come even close to how GOOD this painting looks.

  3. Hi Marc, I Always prefer your quick and spontanious oil sketches. In the unfinished last painting all the smaller statues are out of balance and the buildings in the background could be less prominent to acchieve more dept.

  4. It’s the 2 green chairs in the lower left, same value, same color – they disappear and the corner drops. one could just take them out or let them be darker and hold the space and the eye.
    you have a fantastic web-site – very generous with information and images.
    thank you.

  5. Your painting The afternoon chat is very beautiful. While the square seems to have quite a few people, you get a feeling of space for the two ladies chatting , allowing privacy in a crowded place. The two green chairs on the right being empty kind of adds to this feeling of space and privacy. While your focus is on the two women, the two empty chairs also draws attention and I find this makes your painting interesting as well as beautiful to look at.

  6. Bonjour marc félicitation pour votre travail, pensez- vous venir faire un stage à PARIS un jour, si non quel sont les lieux et dates de vos prochains workshop

  7. I love your work! When stuck on a painting, my first instructor always said “it’s time for a radical move” – urging me outside my comfort zone. Forcing me to potentially “destroy” what I had already done. Are you coming out for the Grenning show?

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