Recent Studio Landscapes

Painting of a Farmhouse in Chianti

The Side of a Farmhouse in Chianti. 31 x 40 in., oil on linen.

Here are a few recent larger landscapes. They will be going to the Grenning Gallery for my solo show this August (hence the sizes in inches).

Painting of Evening on Lago Maggiore

Evening on Lago Maggiore. 35 x 48 in., oil on linen.

Painting of a terrace in Dubrovnik

The Terrace in Dubrovnik. 47 x 59 in., oil on linen.

Painting of the Port at Marseillan

The Port at Marseillan. 31 x 40 in., oil on linen.

Painting of sunset at a farmhouse in Chianti

Sunset at the Torricella. 35 x 43 in., oil on linen.


  1. The sense of light in your work is just so good. What is fascinating is that there is not some big racking light demanding attention like a lot of the mainstream plein air painters, but this subtle enveloping of space and form with light. So natural and inviting. Beautiful and thank you for sharing your work.

  2. Your paintings are looking different/sharper. Obviously great as usual but something seems different – what’s going on? Palette knife?

  3. Marc,

    These are excellent. Such a great sense of light and depth! It’s really hard to get studio work to have such wonderful freshness. How long do you spend on these? Are they alla prima or do you employ multiple layers and glazing?


  4. Hi Marc,

    I have been following your work for a while and come to find out we share a mutual friend. Paul Brown and I share a studio space. We speak of your work often. I think it would be wonderful if you come to North Carolina for a workshop. Hint…Hint The weather is wonderful this time of year and I will be venturing out to try my hand at plein air painting for the first time. Watched your videos over and over and look forward to putting your instruction to work, oh, and of course with the help of your and my friend, I shall produce a fabulous painting. :0) Hope we can meet some day and perhaps spend an afternoon painting.


  5. Hi Marc.. I said earlier that I enjoyed your sketches as much as your finished pieces. While that is true, these are better and ultimately more enjoyable. It is easy to fall in love with a part of a painting but these are complete works. I would love to closely examine Chianti Farmhouse and Port at Marseille. Thank you for posting these.

  6. Marc

    Sincerely hope you will do a workshop in while in NY area in August
    What are the dates for your show @ Grenning Gallery ? (no info posted as of yet)


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