Saturdays in the Corsini Gardens

Sean and Sara painting this morning.

Sean and Sara painting this morning.

At the moment I am teaching the Florence Academy of Art’s landscape painting class along with Jordan Sokol. Princess Giorgiana Corsini has generously given us the use of the private gardens at her palazzo, which is one of the more beautiful places to paint on an April morning. I took a few pictures this morning as the place is so stunning.

One interesting thing about the course in general is that the advanced painting students tend to have more difficulty that the intermediate group.  I think they assume that because they have painted so much in the studio already that it should be just the same outside. It is actually very different, and they tend to get frustrated quicker that the students with less experience in painting. Another problem I notice every year is that the students bring the wrong materials and think they can just wing it. Painting is so difficult even when your materials are all perfect, it becomes almost impossible if you have missing or incorrect equipment.

This year the class is going well. Today was only our second meeting and already the work is showing great improvement.

Pablo painting the portico.

Pablo painting the portico.


  1. You lucky dogs.. the Corsini Gardens looks absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of the film the Draughtsman Contract.

    Funny how studio painters with a lot of experience have a hard time with landscape painting.
    It can’t be the drawing, must be the change of light source and the way things are pitched so differently than in a controlled studio environment. The distances in a studio setting are very close when compared to out of doors as well. My old painting teacher (Frank Mason) always said one informed the other, but that landscape painting opened up the studio painting to more atmospheric affects. It also taught one how to deal with violets and blues.

  2. I just learned about the Florence Academy. Looks like a wonderful place to study – my wife saw the work there and wants to try to attend when she retires.

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