Sight-Size in Plein Air Painting

This is a video from a series I’ve been doing trying to demonstrate single ideas on painting using short films. I thought it was useful to post it now seeing as the landscape season is in full swing and all.

(Cool fact: the video was edited on a Dell mini 10v while sitting in a meadow).


  1. I would have thought you’d use your GH1 for the video! Nice vid though, Im still a bit hesitant in using sight size for landscape painting. Dont you find it limits your personal design choices?

    Cheers TIm

    • It’s just a tool really, but you’re correct that some large views are hard to fit on small panels.
      If there is a view that fits into a small field of vision though I don’t find it limiting. You can move things around for the design you want, with or without sight-size.

      (The video was shot with the GH1, but edited in HD on a dirt cheap netbook that can’t even play HD video, that’s why I mentioned it).

  2. Great video Marc. Well though out and clearly presented. Everything you need to know about painting sight size in less than 90 seconds!

    Glad to see one of my photos in there too 🙂


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