Photographing Artwork Update

This is my third post on photographing artwork using a DSLR, and hopefully the last. This video is the culmination of a decade of research as well as years of purchasing and trying various equipment. The TLDR is that I’m able to get great results as far as color calibrating the camera with a C1 IT 8.7 card from and Lumariver Profile Designer software. Combined with a used DX camera from Nikon, a used macro lens, softbox lights, polarized sheets over the lights, and a circular polarizer on the lens, it’s possible have a very professional set-up for a reasonable investment. Probably less than the cost of one session with a professional photographer.

For capturing more detail for archival purposes, I’ve found that a full frame, large-sensor Nikon gets very good results.

I hope you enjoy the video.

P.S. I’ve put Amazon affiliate links in this post, but I personally bought my lenses and camera body from small local camera shops. Given the current situation, it’s better if we all try to support small businesses. It also allows you to check the shutter count, see that everything works, and sometimes they even offer their own warranty.