Vrnik Painting Timelapse

Here is a quick, 30 second, timelapse film taken over the course of five days while working on my large plein air landscape painting of the village of Vrnik. I was standing on the island of Korčula, across the small channel seen in the painting. The footage is of five days, but I was actually there six, and I have no idea what happened to the photos from the sixth day, sorry.

Below is an image of the final painting.

Plein air landscape painting of Vrnik, Croatia.

Vrnik. 70 x 90 cm, oil on linen.

It was a great spot to paint as I could stand in the shade the whole time. Also, in the painting I’m looking east, so the shadow of the tree is pointing north. This allowed me to work for up to six hours a day without the effect changing too much. The only really dramatic change was the sun came around and put Vrnik in full sunlight, whereas I wanted the buildings to be half in shadow for the effect. In the afternoons I could work on the foreground and the water, provided the wind didn’t get too strong. Finally, the clouds did the same thing, with only a slight variation, almost every day.


  1. Marc,
    Thanks for your continual updates. I check in regularly to see what you are doing and where you are and what information I can glean.
    I can again offer you lots of compliments but I will keep it to just two.
    First, in the “Street Barbeque” (sp?), I visually enjoyed the rose-colored flower bush in the middle, and particularly was delighted by the small streaks of highlight on the tops of stair steps on the left and right. So small but so powerful.
    Second, thanks for the explanation for your setting, sun position considerations, etc. in the larger painting. Very helpful. I’ve painted buildings that went from your half sun/shadow situation to full sunlight, and unlike you, I chased the effect when I would have been better off keeping the cool shadow sides. Nice to have you point out these subtleties.


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