Weekend in Mechelen

Plein air painting of Red Devils Fans watching the World Cup in Mechelen.

Watching the World Cup, Mechelen. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Here are a few plein air landscape paintings from the past weekend in Mechelen, Belgium.

Plein air painting of the Fair in Mechelen, Belgium.

The Fair in Mechelen #1. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Plein air sketch of the Fair in Mechelen, Belgium.

The Fair in Mechelen #2. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Plein air painting of the Palace of the Margarets in the Rain, Mechelen.

Palace of the Margarets in the Rain. 30 x 20 cm, oil on panel.

A couple of years ago I lived on the Belgian border with Holland for a few months and I really enjoyed painting in the countryside here. For landscape painting, Belgium has an incredible variety of subject matter. A painter would never get bored working here.

Plein air painting of Sunday Morning in Mechelen, Belgium.

Sunday Morning. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Update: One more from Monday morning. I also made the local paper.

Oil painting of the Dyle river in Mechelen.

The Dyle. 30 x 20 cm, oil on panel.

Update #2: One last one from Brussels before the airplane home.

Plein air sketch of the Musée Fin-de-Siècle in Brussels, Belgium.

Entrance to the Musée Fin-de-Siècle, Brussels. 30 x 20 cm, oil on panel.

We had 48 hours of rain in Brussels so I didn’t get much work done. Walking around though I felt the city had a tremendous amount of subject matter for plein air painting. Again, like Belgium as a whole, the variety is terrific. The spaces are often great for cityscapes, as the streets aren’t too narrow, or too wide. The parks have a huge variety of design, and the buildings are from every conceivable period of architecture, with many being wonderfully picturesque (there are also some sections of the city with more architectural harmony if that’s what one is looking for). There are also flags everywhere, which are always fun to paint. The people were very receptive to the plein air painter too. I was only working for two hours but twice people asked if they could bring me a coffee. Lastly, the art in Belgium is great, and I’ll try to do a post about some of their great realist painters when I get a chance.


  1. Well, you even make stunning paintings in the rain! You are a constant inspiration, thanks so much for sharing. I especially like your Palace of the Margarets piece from this trip.

  2. Discovered your website some weeks ago (through link with Sorolla or Sargent) and here you are in Mechelen just some miles from my home. Glad you like our
    painterly cityscapes, as so many painters did before you. Even William Merritt Chase held a summer class in Bruges. Your work is great and the ‘Entrance to the Musee’ is truly capturing this wet,grey overcast scene.

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