Ten books on painting

books1These are the ten books on art which have had the most influence on me as a painter over the years. I haven’t listed them in any particular order. I should mention that these are all books for reading, without color reproductions. Clicking on the titles takes you to the Amazon.com (U.S.) page for each book.

The two children’s books which I still remember from when I was a small child are  Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book: Make a World by Ed Emberley and Frederick by Leo Lionni. If you want to keep your child from becoming an artist, these are two books you should avoid.

If anyone has other great art books to add, please put them in the comments.


  1. Tad Spurgeon’s Living Craft (A Painters Process)

    Printed in 2011, a wealth of information on all things
    painting. A terrific book for anyone interested in
    the craft and materials of their art. Lots of references
    to the Old Masters. especially interesting is his work
    on the cleaning and processing of the oil they used as
    medium and in paint making. A great reference book.

  2. The above website is a link to a short essay written by Russian Master Painter Sergei Bongart.He lived in the states having escaped from Soviet Russia. He had a studio in Santa Monica where he taught all of the below painters.

    Peter Liashkov, Del Gish, Sunny Apinchapong, Ron Lukus, Rulon Hacking, Melinda Miles, Patricia LeGrande Bongart, Susan Greaves, James Dudley Slay and Don Sahli.


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